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Links to Inspire Creativity

Explore new ideas to make creativity happen and Unlock your mind. 

Visual arts stimulate the imagination. See for yourself by visiting an art gallery or museum in person, or via the Internet today! 

See just about anything on YouTube 

Ebay has art listings.  Take a look at the 'Direct from the artist' listings, featuring art made by the 'pros' and 'outsiders', and it's free to look!

Ebay also has a whole section for all kinds of Art listings.

Famous art museums in Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 

University of Chicago SMART Museum of Art 

The world is full of creativity -- art from around the globe should not be ignored!

The Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, Russia   << This is a must see !!

National Museum of Mexican Art

South African Artists

Chinese Art Galleries



Mandarin Fine Art Gallery (Click on thumbnails to view works from different artists)

Contemporary African Art Gallery

Kilamanjaro International (African Art)

Freer Sackler (Smithsonian Art Museum, choose 'collections' to see even more art from around the world)

Indian Art (From India)

Indian Art (Art from the American West)

The Art Wolf (Huge collections of links to South American and Latin American Art Galleries)

Today in History ... 

See what happened in the past

U.S. Library of Congress Today in History

The History Channel This Day In History

Suggested Reading:

Unlocked Mind Newsletter


Top Internet Searches

See what is popular on the Internet



Mike's Marketing Tools - Lists of top key word searches

Try a new Search Engine ... there is more to the internet than Google

Different search engines mean more variety in what you are looking for



Duck Duck Go


Search Engine of Search Engines: COLOSSUS

News and Current Events

Newspapers around the USA

Mother Jones


Yahoo! News

NPR Radio

US Weather Maps

Variety newspaper

Crain's Chicago Business

Advertising Age


CNN Money

Reuters News

NY Times Business

Using Bit Torrent Websites to analyze movie popularity

The dark side of the Google Adsense program

TV Stations

Network TV Websites:




Major US City stations:

KABC Los Angeles

CBS Los Angeles

KTLA Los Angeles

WABC New York

CBS New York

FOX New York

International Cities:

Mexico City  (in Spanish)



New Delhi

Japan  and  Tokyo 

See what's going on by reading message boards and newsletters from around the internet:





Seized Assets for Sale  

Community Policing Newsletter

10 Most Wanted  

Our Favorite Links:

Newspaper Archive

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