How to save 'disposable' paint brushes

Chances are, if you saw a whole bunch of 'disposable' paint brushes in your trash can, you would think twice about throwing them out. In most cases, since you only use (and throw away) one or two at a time, they are easy to overlook, but over time, you are just throwing money away.




Instead of just throwing those paint brushes out, let them dry out, and set them aside in a little container in your shop.



 When you have accumulated a good number of used paint brushes, then it's time to clean them up for re-use.  Get a large metal can, fill it with some paint remover, and let all of the the brushes soak in the paint remover. Don't fuss over the brushes, just let the paint remover do all the work and let the brushes soak in the paint remover.  Use a water based paint remover so you can wash the brushes out in the sink with plain ordinary soap and water -- no other expensive chemicals to buy and use.  Note: Always read and follow the paint remover manufacturer's instructions!   Since you are cleaning a whole batch of brushes all at one time, you don't have to worry about wasting a lot of time cleaning just one or two brushes.  After you wash out the brushes, stand them up with the bristles pointing up so they dry out straight, and they are ready for re-use. Done!  



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