Time Clock Repair Service

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Time clock not working?  Don't throw it away -- let us repair it for you! 


We specialize in mechanical Acroprint and Lathem Employee Time Clocks !!   The Acroprint and Lathem time clocks feature proven mechanisms that have been in use for many years in companies of all sizes.

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Time clocks come with our no questions asked 90 day guarantee!

Why use a mechanical time clock?

The makers of the new biometric (hand and finger tip scanners) time clocks usually charge a monthly fee for each employee using the service, and over time these fees can really add up!  By having your own time clock, these user fees are avoided.

Employees don't like touching dirty scanner surfaces of biometric hand and finger tip time clocks, which can spread germs and sickness in the workplace.  Dirty scanners can cause errors, making it difficult or impossible for employees to clock in and out.

Mechanical time clocks provide better accounting documentation.  If your company is audited, printed time cards help provide a better paper trail for payroll audits.

If you are in the Chicago area, you can drop off / pick up your time clock for service.

Email for more information: timeclock@unlockedmind.com 

Check out our selection of time clocks for sale in our Ebay Store. 

Services Price List

Transportation to pick-up drop off time clock from your location:  $25.00  (within 20 miles of Chicago Illinois)

Replace motor, clean and check inside of time clock: $85.00.   Motor failure is the most common cause for time clock breakdown. If the time clock makes loud grinding or squeaking noises, especially just before advancing the minute, or before it broke down, the motor should be replaced.

Complete time clock refurbishing:  $99.95.  If your time clock is not printing correctly, or the motor is making loud noises, and the clock is not keeping accurate time, then your time clock needs a complete overhaul.  This includes replacing the motor, checking springs, ratchets and pawls for proper operation and making necessary adjustments and oiling the mechanism.  For automatic time clocks, checking the printing solenoid, power rectifier (this is what changes AC current to DC for the solenoid to work) and micro switch(s).

Replace the ribbon: $9.99  Extra.  If your time clock is already in the shop, let us replace the ribbon for you, and save yourself from getting your hands and fingers covered in ink.