Helpful links to help develop better reading skills.

Most of these links are for teachers in the classroom, but if the information works for the professionals, they will work for parents at home!

Reading Rockets


Collaborative Classroom

If you looked at all of these links, along with many others, chances are you have seen tips and ideas that are common to all, and the biggest and most important is that parents should start reading with their children as early as possible.  Even if your child(ren) can't read yet, get them started by reading books to them and show them the pictures, and explain what is happening in the story, and what may happen next in the story before turning the pages, so children become familar with paper books or e-book readers as early as possible and the early steps in the process of reading.

Adult Literacy Links

For various reasons, many adults are unable to read, and become scared about it because society says reading is something they should have learned when they were younger, and they end up isolating themselves because they don't know what to do, and try to hide their inability to read from others, which only makes the problem worse as they get older, so here are some links for adults learning to read:

Start by contacting your local high school, community college or university. The usually have programs for adult learners, and can provide you with programs available in your community.

Literacy for All

Literacy Works

Chicago City Wide Literacy

More Links

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