Children's Books by Scott Hunter

I like to write and illustrate children's books that are fun for all ages to read that inspire the imagination and creativty:

Fun for all ages to read: I like to write children's books that parents can read along with the kids anytime, or at bedtime. Most of my stories end with a happy and peaceful bedtime routine, usually after the character gets tired out during the story, and the stories are short and easy to read and understand.

Inspiring the imagination and creativity: I like to write stories that inspire the imagination and creativity by having characters experience new and unusual situations and discovering solutions to the problems in the stories that they can use on their own.

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Cat In the Tree

Cat in the tree is about people working together as a team to solve a problem. The story starts with a cat stuck in a tree offering three wishes to Jimmy if he can get him out of the tree. Since Jimmy can't get the cat out of the tree without some help, Jimmy is upset because the others who helped get the cat out of the tree got the wishes. The cat shows up to explain this to Jimmy, and grants Jimmy one last wish, and that is for Jimmy to have a good night's sleep.

Cat in a tree

cat in the tree

Dinah Soars

Dinah is sad when a bumble bee tells her that she is too big to fly, but Dinah refuses to give up, and not only does she fly, she really soars in this story that teaches children to ask for help to solve problems that they are unable to fix on their own.

Dinah Soars

Dinah Soars

Pipe in the House

Pipe in the house is a story about learning to cope with new an unusual events. When Billy moves into a new house, a house with a giant pipeline running right through it and Billy's room!  Billy learns to accept the pipe, and soon realizes that there are many benefits to having a pipe in the house!  Story helps foster abstract thinking and imagination, because it is not likely to happen in real life.

pipe in the house

pipe in the house

Dinah Snores

When Dinah sleeps, she snores ... really LOUD!  The mayor tells Dinah to leave town until a helpful caveman finds the solution that saves the day. Story encourages children to ask for help about things they can't do or solve on their own.

Dinah Snores

Dinah Snores

Jimmy's Big Rock

Playful story that encourages problem solving and three dimensional thinking which starts right in Jimmy's back yard with an important discovery in town history. Challenging activity quiz questions about the story help foster thinking and imagination.

Jimmys Big Rock


Jimmys big rock


The Magic Hat

The Magic Hat gives children a look at the adult world by showing them some basic occupations in action. When Jimmy wants to be a fireman, he is out on the job pulling hose to help fight the fire, and when the fire is put out, Jimmy is helping roll up the hose, or cleaning up after himself as it would be expected in the real world. The story also shows teamwork and cooperation, because most work in the real world depends on several people working together to get the job done, meaning not just one person should take all of the credit.

The Magic Hat

The Magic Hat

Tale of a Lost Tale

 Wonderful story of a puppy who wakes up and finds his tail missing. Children of all ages will enjoy this bubbly story that encourages problem solving and conflict resolution skills as puppy searches far and wide to find his missing tail while overcoming challenges before the tail is found. This story also promotes a peaceful bedtime routine because after the adventure, puppy can't wait to get some well deserved sleep.



 Jimmy Catches Bigfoot

Adventurous story of a young boy (Jimmy) who wants to catch the elusive Bigfoot. Children of all ages will enjoy this happy story that highlights problem solving skills as Jimmy builds a trap to catch Bigfoot, while developing moral and ethical development, because when Jimmy does catch Bigfoot, he is faced with a really tough decision, and does the right thing by setting Bigfoot free.

 Here are some pictures from the book:

Jimmy gets Dad to help build the trap to catch Bigfoot

Jimmy sets Bigfoot free


Grandpa's Vegetable Store

Touching and heartwarming story of an inquisitive young girl helping her grandpa run a vegetable market while eating her fill of healthy fruits and vegetables. Children of all ages will enjoy this nurturing story that encourages cooperation and respect between different generations, as well as healthy eating. Story also encourages a peaceful bedtime routine because it is also bedtime for the young girl at the end of the story.


Helping Grandpa around the store.

Filling up on healthy apples for a job well done!

Dinah's Sore Feet

Whimsical story of Dinah the dinosaur girl who gets sore feet and is helped by a caveman. Children of all ages will enjoy this adorable story that promotes problem solving skills and to cope with challenging situations while getting along with others. This story also encourages a peaceful bedtime routine because after all of that walking, Dinah can't wait to get some sleep.

Here are some pictures from the book:

Dinah's call for help. Story encourages children to ask for help when they need it.

Bedtime for Dinah after a long day!

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