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No home is complete without a place where things can be repaired, modified or built. The Unlocked Mind Woodshop is really a combination woodshop, metal shop and electronics laboratory. When I am not busy writing and illustrating childrens books, I am usually busy in the shop, making things to sell, repairing found things, or modifying things. In this part of the site, I share some of the more unusual shop projects that have been made.

Warning: This information is for entertainment purposes only.  Unless you are experienced in the industrial arts, e.g. woodshop, metalshop, electric shop, or in most cases, a combination of all three, do not try these projects at home.

Recycle Disposable Paint Brushes  Instead of tossing out those disposable paint brushes, save them so you can clean a whole batch at one time instead of buying and throwing them away. 

Pin Hole Solar Eclipse Viewer   Use an old cereal box to see the solar sclipse.

How to Open Sealed Speaker Cabinets  Lots of new speaker cabinets are glued together at the factory, which makes switching speakers difficult, or even impossible.  This PDF shows you how you can use a table saw to cut open the speaker cabinets for easy access.

Alternate Sources of Wood  Lots of wood can be had for free if you look in the right places.

Overhead and Indirect Cost in your shop  Yes, woodworking is a fun and enjoyable hobby, but it costs money to run a shop. This article talks about how the 'little things' can really add up, especially if you are looking to make your shop earn its keep.

build_your_own_time_clock.htm  Keeping track of the time you spend working on a project is important. By keeping track of the time it takes to build a project, you can be better prepared when making work estimates for proposals, or when planning your time to build something special as a gift (non revenue).

build_your_own_cyclonic_dust_collector.htm  Wood dust is a serious matter in any work shop, and needs to be controlled to the best of your ability. The less dust that ends up in the air and in your lungs, the better.

build_your_own_funhouse_mirror.htm This project has good revenue potential for your shop. Intermediate skill level for more complex routing, cutting and measuring.

build_your_own_fly_catcher.htm If the bugs are driving you crazy, here is a quick thing that may help you.

Windows and Linux on the same computer.htm 


Make your own shopping cart go kart.htm Great project for kids of all ages.

Making Rubber Rats look real.htm  This was for rubber rats used in the background of a cheap film.

DIY Coin Dryer.htm This project requires advanced electrical and skills, and the ability to determine proper appliance wiring and follow schamatic diagrams, if available.



Coming Soon:

Router sled / planer -- use an ordinary router to plane warped and uneven wood, or plane glued up assemblies to make them flat and ready to use as material or in other projects.

Save money by making your own clock dials when building new clocks or restoring old ones.

Build our automobile themed air cleaner to clean the air in your shop.  If you are a car buff, you can even make it look like an old fashioned carburator!

Lathe shield -- The lathe is a damgerous machine, so having a 1/2" think polycarbonate shield is a must when using the lathe, especially when using it to make crazy things like I do.

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